What We Do


headerOpening its electronic doors on October 31, 2010, Flying With Red Haircrow Productions is a multimedia consultation company with networks and connections around the world. Services include but are not limited to:

  • Publishing (Many genres)
  • Multimedia/Graphics
  • Music Videos/Book Trailers
  • Workshops/Lectures
  • Educational Consultation (museums, curricula, etc.)
  • Filmmaking (Editing, Filming, etc.)
  • Cuisine/Catering
  • Reviews/editing

We are interested in publishing opportunities, film, music and/or collaboration with those who share our goals, interests and mission, as well as new possibilities. You’re welcome to contact us with all submission queries, proposals and questions. For bookings, lecturers, and/or guest speakers requests, please use our Contact Form.


Red Haircrow is award-winning writer, educator, chef and filmmaker with Native American heritage (Chiricahua Apache/Cherokee/AfrAmer) who holds a Master’s in Native American Studies, a BSc in Psychology, counsels selectively and is a member of NAISA, APA, SIP and Secretary Elect 2017-19 on the Native Research Network Board of Directors. Red’s active in Native American education on culture, history, beliefs and current needs on both sides of the Atlantic.