About Us

headerOpening its doors on October 31, 2010, Flying With Red Haircrow Productions is a creative, educational and multimedia company with special focus on cultural and intercultural competency, cooperation and collaboration. Services include but are not limited to:

  • Publishing (Many genres)
  • Reviews/editing/writing
  • Filmmaking (Editing, Producing, Participant, etc.)
  • Academic and professional contracts and careers as a team member.
  • Workshops/Lectures (For example: Cultural Competency, Indigenous Film, etc.).
  • Educational Consultation
  • Culinary, Indigenous/Ethnic cuisine and catering.

We are interested in opportunities in film, music and other mediums with those who share our goals, interests and mission, as well as new possibilities to expand minds, hearts and universes. You’re welcome to contact us with all submission queries, proposals and questions.

For all queries and questions, please use our Contact Form.

Red Haircrow is award-winning writer/poet, educator, psychologist, and filmmaker of Native (Chiricahua Apache/Cherokee) and African American heritage, who holds a Master’s in Native American/Indigenous Studies, a Bachelor’s of Science in Psychology and counsels selectively. Their research focuses on Native and BIPOC intergenerational historic trauma, Autistic Spectrum Disorder, suicide prevention and GLBTIIQ needs.

Affiliations include membership, governance and support of Native and Indigenous Studies Association (NAIS), American Psychological Association (APA), 2017-2019 Secretary of the Native Research Network (NRN) Board of Directors, and 2019-2020 Committee Liaison for the Mentorship Program of SIP or the American Indian and Alaskan Native Society of Indian Psychologists.

Red is active in Native American and Indigenous education on culture, history, beliefs and current needs on both sides of the Atlantic, and advocacy to end racism, sexism, ableism and other -isms that especially affects BIPOC, and which intersects with the fight for equity all minoritized and marginalized groups face.  Visit their website for bibliography, videography and current projects www.redhaircrow.com.