Now Available – “Varied Spirits -Anthology – Vol.1” on this #TransgenderDayOfVisibility

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Now available! Published on this, 31st March 2023, on the Transgender Day of Visibility, even as countries and governments like the USA continue to allow violent attacks, discrimination and organized oppression and legislation to destroy rights and lives.

There are two things that we ask in releasing this anthology:

1) Please be inclusive in your support and advocacy. Genderfluid, nonbinary or trans*women, and trans*men, and trans-masculine people, but especially BIPOC and ethnicities that have been minoritized and marginalized, continue to experience the least support, acknowledgement and protection even from advocates and their LGBTIIQ peers as racism, stereotypes and white supremacist ideologies and behaviors prompt lateral violence.

2) Please understand this is an anthology produced from our personal time and limited funds in these (post?) Corona Pandemic times. But we did so because we believe “Varied Spirits” adds to the critically needed dialogue and understanding of persons who have been important parts of our societies and communities since time began. For those who can, consider gifting the volume to others who may not currently have the extra paper.

 “Varied Spirits” is a poetry, prose and art collection focusing on writers, artists and creatives who identify as transgender, non-binary, gender non-conforming, gender-queer, trans-feminine, trans-masculine, or other self-identifying terms both ancient and historic, and Native/Indigenous persons who identify as Two-Spirit.

Description: “We live in societies designed to crush our bodies and spirits, that seek to compartmentalize and confine us in every way, especially into heteronormative roles and bodies although gender, sexuality, even intelligence are naturally on a spectrum.

Variance, the state of being varied, is often seen as negative. Yet skills such as adaptability and variability helped our ancestors survive, and today are essential in gaining and maintaining balance, well-being and mindfulness. Being trans and/or also part of other minoritized or marginalized groups adds extra challenges for being accepted as who you are, of just living your life, of feeling safe in society, in your home, in your body.”

This anthology is a gathering of the dignity, the sacrifice, and the beauty of our lives, loves and living. Of our spirits.”

Contributors include Ana Oihan Ametsa, Vyacheslav Konoval, Hexe Fey, Dana Ravyn, Kat, C.S.W. Henry, Rachel Andeen, Lara Holy, Folami Bayode and Fierce Grandmother, from the countries or unceded territories of the USA, Canada, Mexico, Ukraine, Germany, and the UK. Edited by Manuel Ricardo Garcia and Red Haircrow.

Length: 50 Pages
Format: Softcover on art paper
Art & Text: Color and Black/White
Size: 148 x 210 mm

Varied Spirits Anthology – Volume 1 (31 March 2023), in print or on Kindle. 50 pages, English.

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