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New Release May 9, 2012: “Fighting The Man” by Nephylim, Book 2 in the Enigma Series

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Fighting the Man, Book #2 of Enigma

ISBN: 9781476469577

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“Silver has been freed from sexual slavery and settled down with River, his lover and former patient, yet cracks begin to form when it becomes increasingly obvious that the stress of constantly having to care for Silver, begin to tell on River. When River’s parents die, leaving him to care for his 12 year old brother it, at first, seems that the introduction of the lively twelve year old into the mix was going to do them all the world of good. However, when spiteful relatives involve Social Services, the previous flaws nearly rip them all apart.

Faced with the dilemma of keeping either Ben or Silver at home and sending the other to stay with Sam, a personal friend, River chooses responsibility for his brother over his love and concern for Silver. Things come to a head when a series of misunderstandings lead Silver to believe River doesn’t love him anymore and that everyone is secretly ashamed of him because of his past. After running away, Silver reasons the only place he can fit in is with his own kind and he sets out to search of a new “home.”

At the Theatre de la vie he meets Tony, a club owner with big ideas, who ‘looks after’ a group of young men who dance and “entertain” patrons of the club. There, among others, Silver finds Ariel, an ephemeral little minx with a knack for getting into trouble, Alex, the big hearted mountain of muscle, and Asher. With Asher, a former sex slave like himself, Silver finds a kindred spirit and soon finds himself falling for the beautiful, broken boy.

Together, Ariel and Asher show Silver a whole new way of looking at the world, a transformation echoing the sleeping chrysalis of his soul, and soon his inner self emerges as the beautiful butterfly he was always meant to be. Yet as happy as he is with his new friends, Silver eventually realises he truly misses River and intends to return to his side, but a dark figure from his abusive past returns to threaten both a possible reunion and the very ones who would protect Silver.”

About the Author

Born into a poor but loving mining family in the United Kingdom, Nephylim grew up in the beautiful and history rich South Wales Valleys, becoming the first in her family to attend university. As a lawyer practicing Family Law for several years, the profession allowed Nephylim to learn more about human nature at its worst and best moments, and develop empathy and a view of life not limited by social standing or background.

Tapping into the heritage of her people that throughout Earth’s ages welcomed the wandering bard into the hearts of their villages as keepers of lore, Nephylim trained as a Druid and brings the richness of her Celtic past and spiritual training to enrich and elevate her writing.  Since a child Nephylim has been fascinated with other worlds, which exist within and alongside her own and has reveled in creating worlds and characters for others to enjoy.

Despite lack of family support, Nephylim continued writing privately and eventually found the Gay Authors website. With the positive response and a warm welcome received, she found the confidence to pursue her passion to a greater degree. Feeling gay fiction was a woefully neglected corner of the market where readers were all too often presented with what amounted to erotica, Nephylim strives to write quality gay fiction where sex and sexuality is not the central premise. Instead, concentration is given to character and narrative development through storytelling that goes beyond the physical.

Nephylim still resides in Wales, UK, and enjoys writing, reading, art, and taking part in medieval reenactments.



Book #1 in the Enigma Series:

Description: Troubled residents come and go at the Care House where River Caulfield is a caregiver, working towards fulfilling his dream of becoming a nurse. When Silver arrives, a patient found on a roadside near death after suffering terrible abuse, River finds his previous personal detachment is compromised. Seeking to help the mysterious and enigmatic young man locked inside his own mind and memories, River finds his professionalism slipping as Silver begins to open up and live again.

But as their relationship begins to blossom, the roots of Silver’s past abuse and the abuser who forced him into such a mental state sends forth new shoots of darkness enveloping them in dangers threatening not only Silver’s sanity, but their very lives. With River’s devotion and help, will Silver finally be able to break away from his past? The answer lies in the words of a priest, a painting and a long walk through a churchyard harbouring the secrets of the enigma that is Silver.

Title: Enigma, Book 1 in the Enigma Series

By: Nephylim

Published by: Flying With Red Haircrow

Publication Date: 3 December 2011

ISBN: # 9781465837509

Genre: Gay Suspense, Contemporary Fiction, Romantic Drama

Available at Smashwords, All Romance Ebooks, and other online distributors.

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Upcoming Events:

  • Look forward to free giveaways and contests upcoming on Nephylim’s website and while she participates in the blog hop in May, “Hop Against Homophobia!”
  • On May 10, 2012, Nephylim will be a part of the “Meet the Author” on Love Romances Café, so be sure to join up and drop by from 12pm-6pm Eastern Time Zone, at this Yahoo web group.

Guest Post By Athanasios–Predatory Ethics: Mad Gods & Commitment

Predatory Ethics dissects two very controversial and compelling topics: religion and entertainment.  It shows the first is just the ancestor of the second.  Its scandals and imperfections hide undiscovered conspiracies that can be so far fetched they seem fantasy.  Religion, conspiracies and fantasy have long been successful topics in fiction and are still extraordinarily popular.

Religion will always be topical, any controversial subject is, i.e. Passion of the Christ, The Da Vinci Code and The Hiram Key have spawned their own industries dedicated to furthering the topics they introduced.  Their debate continues crossing media with television, newspapers and magazines presenting pro and con for canonical religion and the newly rediscovered Gnosticism and Paganism.

Conspiracies have been part of conversation for centuries discussing mysterious forces behind the guts and gears of our societies.  Secret groups, private corporations and shadowy cabals are held responsible for all our woes.  The whispered rumors now appear in newspapers, magazines and television reports with an impressive presence in websites and online forums.

Fantasy has had a long, loyal following with the Lord of the Rings series and experienced resurgence when it hit the theatres.  It is arguably the template for the entire genre of publishing and is also the topic of much media attention.

Mad Gods uses our religions’ Gods and Devils and their varied hierarchies in a contemporary setting to engage the audience.  It shows religion, conspiracies, fantasy, music, television and movies are all connected and hopelessly entangled in our history and lives.  It involves the reader with these popular subjects in an innovative fusion that is evident throughout the story.

Kostadino Paleologos roams through mysterious libraries all over the world, to find the mythic Repository of Alexandria, following clues in lost, forbidden texts.   The clues tell of a soul wishing for redemption.  Its many lives protest history’s treatment and look forward to a life more ordinary.  He finds the Idammah-Gan Codex a catalogue of its lives; it is a singularly dangerous book, safely read only in daylight.  He decides to raise the soul’s next incarnation Adam to reject prophesy and teach him the error of religion – the many flaws all religions have in interpreting and explaining faith.  Kostadino’s actions throw all prophesies and revelations into question.  The Luciferian Church conjures and sends demons to find them while the Vatican sends Templars to kill them.

Years later Kostadino and his charge finally evade the Vatican, Luciferians, Templars and Dark Nobility.  They all converge on the unsuspecting rebels and conjure LUCIFER who cajoles, reasons and finally orders Adam to accept his destiny, but he refuses.  With this refusal, Adam becomes every Messiah: the Templar’s Tres Majestus Hermes, Freemasonry’s Maitreya, Xian Christ, all of them.

Kostadino taught his adopted son what he learned while looking for the Repository of Alexandria.  Those far-flung, dusty, old rooms were filled with almost perfect thoughts and nearly complete ethics from the geniuses of history; however, no one had found the whole truth.  All came as close as their backgrounds, or culture, could bring them, but fell short. Kostadino taught him that we cannot see the truth to which every faith aspires because we are flawed.  We see, hear, smell, taste and touch with inadequate tools.  Even intellect is limited, unable to completely digest truth.  Truth is either too large, or too small, to see and we absorb only what we can from each narrow perspective.

This saves the world from the fire, brimstone and destruction, prophesied in Biblical Revelation.  ADAM is still expected to fulfill someone’s prophecy, but will deal with each, individually, as they come.  He will show the followers of prophesy where their faith deviates from truth, as well as revealing how every religion mistakenly espouses their own truth above any other.  Religion has faith outside reason, but loses truth in the translation, hoping that reason can explain faith.  Religion strives to interpret something too vast to be understood. ADAM will show them the error of their ways.  In turn, each religion will have to find their own truth, or come as close to it as they are capable.  It will be a long road.

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