Reissued “MARTYRS & MONSTERS” by Robert Dunbar from Uninvited Books

by Red Haircrow

MARTYRS & MONSTERS by Robert Dunbar

ISBN: 978-0-9830457-5-5

Soft cover; 288 pages; $16.95

Uninvited Books

This collection explores dark fiction in all its hues. Robert Dunbar has been referred to as “one of the saviors of contemporary dark fiction” and “the catalyst for the new literary movement in horror.” He is the author of the novels WILLY, THE PINES and THE SHORE.


MARTYRS & MONSTERS by Robert Dunbar

“Completely and utterly engrossing.”

Lambda Literary Foundation


“Not a book to read lightly.”


“Brilliantly chilling … searingly erotic.”

The Edge

“A masterpiece.”

Dark Scribe Magazine


Book Love

“Substantial amounts of panache and poetic insight.”

Cemetery Dance Magazine


“Provocative … vivid and visceral.”

GUD Magazine

“Never less than brilliant.”

The Black Abyss

“Hauntingly sensual … with a razor’s edge of eroticism.”

Hell Notes

“A scary, compelling ride.”

Nights & Weekends

“A milestone of modern horror.”

The Black Glove

“Sure to satisfy lovers of both horror and literary fiction.”

Shroud Magazine

Reissued by Uninvited Books.

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All serious fiction deals to some extent with dark themes and many great works of literature have employed supernatural, surreal or existentialist elements. These books have power. They endure because they appeal to serious readers and provide thoughtful entertainment. On the current publishing scene, however, dark novels of distinction often find themselves unwelcome … and uninvited. UNINVITED BOOKS is an independent press dedicated to celebrating literary distinction in dark fiction.

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WILLY by Robert Dunbar

“A fine read … unique … highly recommended.”


        “Profound … honest and authentic … a journey of healing with darkness and horror both as a backdrop and a catalyst.”

The Reading Review

        “One of the most powerful and compelling books I have ever read. In a genre-busting tour de force, Dunbar has redefined the beauty of dark literature, the effect it can have on you and what it can accomplish.”

Literary Mayhem

        “A novel about redemption. For those who long for intelligently written dark fiction that penetrates deeply into a reader’s psyche, Dunbar delivers superbly. It just doesn’t get any better than this.”

Horror World

        “Disturbing and poignant. Dunbar’s grasp of the human experience is heart-piercing, and he clearly understands these lost souls.”

Layers of Thought

“Magnificent! This harrowing novel transcends genre.”

Tomb of Dark Delights

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