All E-books 99¢ Oct. 12th-31st at Uninvited Books: “Illuminating Darkness”

by Red Haircrow

Next Friday (October 12) is Aleister Crowley’s 137th birthday.

“I was not content to believe in a personal devil and serve him,” said Aleister Crowley. “I wanted to get hold of him personally and become his chief of staff.”

To celebrate the Evil One’s birthday,

all e-books from Uninvited Books will be 99¢

from the 12th through Halloween!


October 12th ~ October 31st

Trick or Treat yourself to some of the finest contemporary dark fiction.


WOOD by Robert Dunbar

            “Literary Horror at its best.” ~ Layers of Thought

GARDENS OF NIGHT  by Greg F. Gifune

            “Dark fiction as it is meant to be written.” ~ Literary Mayhem

MARTYRS & MONSTERS by Robert Dunbar

            “A masterpiece.” ~ Dark Scribe Magazine


            “Brilliant.” ~ Horror World

WILLY by Robert Dunbar

            “Profound.” ~ The Reading Review

DESCENT by Sandy DeLuca

            “Not to be missed.” ~ Nights & Weekends

SHADOWS, Supernatural Tales by Masters of Modern Literature

            “Required reading for all horror fans.” ~ Shroud Magazine

U N I N V I T E D   B O O K S

Illuminating Darkness …