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New Book “ORPHANS stories” By Turritopsis Nutricula & Tim Cummings, July 12, 2011

New Book “ORPHANS stories” Offers Fiction Lovers Unique Assortment Of Narratives and Characters

By Turritopsis Nutricula & Tim Cummings
Dated: Jul 12, 2011


Author Tim Cummings raises the bar on literary collections by releasing a curious, eclectic set of styles and stories.

Los Angeles, CA. Author and resident, Tim Cummings, has published “ORPHANS stories”, available as both an e-book and a 250-page print edition, that invites readers into a refreshingly unpredictable world of short stories, poetry and prose, screenplays, stage plays, and film treatments.

Set in 1940s Florida, Middle America, Hollywood in the 70s, curious netherspheres between life and death, and deep inside the imaginations of characters whose greatest abundances are their emotions, the ten stories in Cummings’s eclectic collection evoke familiar and strange scenarios of love, loss, heartbreak, humor, spirituality, sexuality, and violence. Written in a strong, imaginative voice, “ORPHANS stories” spins a majestic web of people, places, relationships, and situations.

From romantic, heartfelt, and quirky to edgy, violent, and emotionally feral, this ‘orphanage’ fosters tales of filicide, epilepsy, magical romance, addiction, spirituality, love, and the afterlife.

Author Cummings (who will be making appearances at bookstores in Los Angeles for readings) says, “It’s a very unorthodox book, really original, and I like the risks entailed with that… I think it’s important to put yourself out there, to sufficiently show the world who you really are. Most people wear masks; they can’t expose themselves or take risks. That’s sad for them, but understandable. With this book, I feel really vulnerable, and that’s probably the best thing about it for me. The whole thing is really idiosyncratic.”

Inquiries, info, purchasing:

**For a limited time (now through Sunday July 31st, 2011) an electronic book version, normally priced at $8.99, will be available to the public for $2.25 (74% off!) at Smashwords.

About Smashwords:
Founded in 2008, Smashwords operates the world’s leading ebook publishing and distribution platform serving authors, publishers, readers and retailers. Smashwords has distribution relationships with Apple, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, Sony and Diesel eBooks, and leading mobile e-reading apps including Aldiko, Stanza, Kobo, FBReader and Word-Player, spanning all major mobile platforms including Android, Blackberry and iPhone. Privately held Smashwords is based in Los Gatos, California, and can be reached on the web at

Visit the official Smashwords blog at

About Tim Cummings:

Born and raised in New York, and educated at New York University, Cummings is a passionate storyteller who works professionally in a variety of mediums: writing, visuals, theater, film, music, and dance.

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Brandon Ford’s “Decayed Etchings”-A Collection of Dark Fiction Now Available!


A Press Release:



In his first collection, Brandon Ford delivers 18 brand
new, never before published tales of the dark, twisted,
and macabre. Buried within these gnarled pages, you’ll
discover jilted lovers, cheating spouses, bizarre fetishes,
acid trips, and roaming sleepwalkers. You’ll meet noisy
neighbors, struggling writers, vengeful females, and
even a monster or two.

With Decayed Etchings, you’ll dive headfirst into a
world of ghoulish delights that will surely satisfy even
the most jaded gorehound. In this world, there is
always something lurid hiding beneath. You need only
scratch the surface.

Trade Paperback: 204 pages
Publisher: Black Bed Sheet Books (July 4, 2011)
ISBN: 978-0-9833773-9-9
Suggested Retail Price: $14.95 US
Category: Fiction/Collection
Genre: Horror/Dark Suspense
Primary readers: Adults


Crystal Bay:

“A very enjoyable read. I can’t wait to see what [he] does next.” –Garry
Charles, Hammerhead

“Brandon Ford is the new Prince of Horror, soon to be King.” –Ryan
Nicholson, Star Vehicle

“Ford shows a knack for setting suspense. He’s a promising new talent.”
–Kevin Lucia, Higher Education

Splattered Beauty:

“Absolutely delicious. Drags the reader along on one hell of a bumpy
ride.” –Robert Dunbar, The Pines

“Brandon Ford is a burgeoning master of crimson escapism!” –Tim Ritter,
Truth or Dare: A Critical Madness

“I expect to see Brandon Ford win awards and go far.” –Nicholas
Grabowsky, Red Wet Dirt

Pay Phone:

“Disturbing, bloody, and vicious. Pay Phone is not for the weakhearted…”
–Scott A. Johnson, Dread Central

“Truly terrifying and chilling right down to the bone. This one comes
highly recommended.” –Ed Demko, Bloodtype Online

“Ford has an obvious gift…” –Richard Perez, Permanent Obscurity


Brandon Ford (b. August 28, 1981) grew up in South Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He started writing at the approximate age of 8 and spent a lot of time testing the waters with various genres. He wrote dramas, comedies, essays, plays, and, of course, thrillers. There were few things he took pleasure in crafting more than a good old-fashioned scary story. Throughout grade school, as well as high school, he continued to build his portfolio with various works (mostly short stories and novellas, but a few plays here and there). He’d pass around these manuscripts to friends and teachers for feedback. Knowing others enjoyed his work and craved more inspired him to keep going.

A few months shy of 23, he sat down to pen his first novel, which became Crystal Bay. Arctic Wolf Publishing, a small press based in Georgia, picked the book up a few years later. Shortly thereafter, he completed Splattered Beauty, an ode to his favorite Scream Queens. In 2009, he teamed up with Alan Draven and Jessica Lynne Gardner for Creeping Shadows (Pixie Dust Press), a collection of three short novels. Ford’s contribution, Merciless, was heavily inspired by a real-life kidnapping that took place in California in 2002. In March 2010, Arctic Wolf released his third novel, Pay Phone. Ford has also contributed works of short fiction to several anthologies, including Abaculus 2007 and Abaculus III (Leucrota Press), Sinister Landscapes (Pixie Dust Press), Raw: Brutality As Art (Snuff Books), and The Death Panel (Comet Press). Some of his biggest influences have been writers like Jack Ketchum and the late Richard Laymon. In his spare time he enjoys reading, watching bad TV, and all things horror. He still resides in
South Philadelphia.

For merchandise of all kinds as well as a sample of the collection of stories and his thoughts, visit Brandon Ford’s website “Sleepless Nights”:

New “ROCK LIT” Anthology from Vagabondage Press–Releasing 26 July 2011

United States/United Kingdom – July 26, 2011 – Vagabondage Press announces the release of rock & roll anthology “EXPERIENCED: Rock Music Tales of Fact & Fiction” on July 26th, 2011.

Cutting to the core truths of rock music culture, EXPERIENCED is among the first rock anthologies to explore rock music and culture from the inside-out. The book is edited by Roland Goity and John Ottey, and is illustrated by Kimy Martinez. Included are 16 stories by 16 writers, on topics such as touring musicians and touring fans. Label signings gone awry. A late-night DJ and a serial killer. The evolution of life as a roadie. These are stories unique to each writer; yet, you’ll discover within them an experience that is universal. Some are fiction and some non-fiction, but they’re all true.

EXPERIENCED features tales from James Greer, Fred De Vries, Timothy Weed, Brad Kava, Harold Jaffe, Scott Nicholson, Corey Mesler, Brian Goetz, Adam Moorad, Sean Ennis, Jim DeRogatis, J.T. Townley, Laurel Gilbert, Ed Hamilton, David Menconi, and Carl Peel.

“The tangent is where the real story begins in this raucous, raw-edged compilation limning the seamy underside of rock ‘n’ roll storytelling,” says Alina Simone, singer and author of You Must Go and Win.

“The stories and essays in EXPERIENCED are beautifully written, wise, and absurdly energetic. An amazing jam session of a book,” adds Michael Kardos, author of One Last Good Time

EXPERIENCED will be available at Amazon, Google Books, Barnes and Noble and other fine bookstores both brick and mortar and online in print and eReader format. eGalleys are available for review and Vagabondage Press welcomes your inquiries for interviews, guest posts and promotional giveaways.

Vagabondage Press, publisher of the arts and literary journal, The Battered Suitcase, aims to bring literary fiction and literary quality genre fiction to the market. Vagabondage Press focuses on promoting intelligent, thoughtful-provoking, accessible fiction.

Press Contact:
Fawn Neun
Vagabondage Press LLC