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Recently at @Zeitwissen, #Indigenous #Knowledge, with comments by Indigenous folks (including me)- #Stereotyping #Racism #Colonialism

Recently in Zeitwissen, a section within Die Zeit, one of the largest news sources in Germany, an article was published on the need of Indigenous knowledge in natural sciences to help salvage and repair the climate crisis, a large part of which nuevo European values and practices unleashed on our world. Myself and other Indigenous peoples were asked to comment on how Indigenous knowledge can be of use in natural sciences. Me being me, I came at it from a slightly different, but critically important angle.

“Like Indigenous cultures and peoples, Indigenous knowledge is often “primitized” and stereotyped in a Eurocentric way. Yet Indigenous knowledge and methodologies are based on equitable values beneficial to all life, and they have positive application for everything from psychology to astrophysics, education to engineering.”

“Wie indigene Kulturen und Gruppen wird auch indigenes Wissen oft “primitized” und stereotyp auf eurozentrische Weise dargestellt. Indigenes Wissen und indigene Methoden beruhen jedoch auf gerechten Werten, die allen Lebewesen zugute kommen, und haben positive Auswirkungen auf alle Bereiche von der Psychologie bis zur Astrophysik, von der Bildung bis zur Ingenieurwesen.”

Much of the time, the majority insists on minimizing, defending or ignoring such practices, and fail to see how such behaviors extend to all aspects of life, particularly industries and business world, too. Some completely disregard the obvious intersectionality of Indigenous racism, to other forms of normalized bigotry, prejudice and bias, and to sexism, ableism, Eurocentrism.

“Your credentials are quite nice, and yes, more psychologists are needed in Germany, but we don’t have any Native clients.”

What’s wrong with this statement? Yet I’ve heard it time and time again, from supposed educated and non-racist people. Simply being Native in Germany, unless you’re dancing (oh wait, it has to be “traditional in feathers!” or in a job considered not academic, often finds you unemployed, politely rejected, even gently rebuked by puzzled professionals who are mystified how you, a psychologist, educator, professional who happens to be Native (or some other “non-white”) practitioner could possibly help their almost exclusively white clients. As if you being Native (or non-white) you are only able to help persons like yourself, in the way many of those prejudiced limited and compartmentalize themselves, excluding “Others”.

As if simply being non-white makes you less professional, less relevant, less well-read or that your methods (as if you haven’t studied the same materials as they the same 10+ years) are primitive even dangerous! When in fact, IN ADDITION to that, you have the experiences, observations, knowledge and intellect beyond theirs. They also know many of their clients or patients, or even other staff who are white German are unapologetically prejudiced against “Others”. So there are also times where you might be hired, but your co-workers treat you abysmally with the flippant comment, “Well, what did you expect!” or your work and person are so underappreciated and criticized, the emotional burden takes it toll. They also do this to “their own” also who might also try to improve racist, sexist, ableist, Eurocentic situations. “To name is the problem is to become the problem.”

So in this, they are failing their clients, don’t really want the best or better for their clients. Think this stuff through. It matters. It really does, but especially in psychology where non-European peoples have suffered greatly at the hands of psychiatrists and psychologists, many of whom are entrenched or apologists of racial hierarchies and eugenics. A pattern and history Germany shares with the USA.

But not only that, the abuses, subtle and unsubtle derision, dismissal and minimization are also heaped upon their own peoples and demographic group. There are many, many reasons why so many people distrust and avoid psychologists unless at extremis. I’ve heard so many horror stories. And the German equivalent of the USA’s Psychological Association, literally says on their website, unless its white psychology methods or beliefs, its dangerous! Deep deep racism and Eurocentrism.

“I can’t help you. I don’t come from an immigrant background” is a phrase actually told an ethnic professional by their therapist, who had taken their experiences personally and become angry, as if the client’s speaking about the racism they daily experienced was attacking her, the psychologist. Too many “western” practitioners with egoism and value system of self-centeredness, competitive and skeptical retraumatize their own patients, whatever their background or heritage. (Reference.)

And, of course, this is across all industries in western society but particularly done in an often polite yet still inherently brutal Eurocentric way in Germany. Whether you’re trained as an artist, an engineer, or whatever, these fear based privileged practices that revel in stereotyping and (mis)labeling are a huge part of the continuing and actually rising normalized (and structual) racism, hate, xenophobia and selfishness especially in this time of Corona Pandemic.

12 &15 October: A Workshop on Native Issues Then A Conference on “Stolen Sacred Objects & Human Remains”

14 & 15 October 2017 | 11 am

Transnational Conference

Sacred Objects and Human Remains in Berlin Museums

Centre de Francais Berlin | Müllerstraße 74 | 13349 Berlin

Senator for Culture and Europe Klaus Lederer (opening), Bénédicte Savoy (France/Germany), Bonaventure Soh Bejeng Ndikung (Cameroon/Germany), Noa Ha (Germany), Pejo Layiwola (Nigeria), Roxley Foley (Australia), Regina Sarreiter (Germany), Caroline Mchome (Tanzania), Shiynyuy Semaiy Gad (Cameroon/Germany), members of No Humboldt 21

Mnyaka Sururu Mboro (Tanzania/Germany), Zulu Gama V (Tanzania), Konradin Kunze (Germany), D.S. Red Haircrow (USA/Germany), Tahir Della (Germany), Waltrauds Ignatsia Ortman (Namibia), Esther Muinjangue (Namibia), Fanuel Haukambe (Namibia)

The debate concerning the provenance and future of items acquired in the wake of European colonialism has intensified in recent times, due to the current German project which aims to reconstruct the imperial Berlin Palace and once again display the world’s cultural treasures in the building. Above all this debate concerns translocated “materials of sacred significance” and human remains, items which belong to a category defined by the International Council of Museums (ICOM) and the UN as “sensitive materials”.

Both of these organizations require the museums to expeditiously “initiate dialogues” with the source communities in order to discuss “the return of cultural property”. However, within the current debate concerning Berlin’s non-European collections the opinions of those who “have lost a significant part of their heritage” are hardly represented at all. Our conference will provide a platform for source community members and experts who should have been consulted “with respect and sensitivity” (ICOM) by the managers of the Humboldt Forum and of the Foundation Prussian Cultural Heritage (SPK) all along.

NGO alliances “No Humboldt 21!”, ISD Bund e.V. Initiative Schwarze Menschen in Deutschland

The conference is part of our project „Just Listen – Globalgeschichte von unten und zivilgesellschaftlicher Dialog”

Contact and registration
Berlin Postkolonial e.V. | 01799 100 976 | buero(at)

Conference Fees
10 Euros per day



Red Haircrow will be giving a workshop on the Native human remains situation in Germany & sharing contemporary current native issues with historical context. Event in English & German.

12 Oktober! Reminder #BREBIT-Fachtag: im Rahmen der 14. Brandenburger Entwicklungspolitischen Bildungs- und Informationstage lädt Sie die Koordinationsgruppe in Kooperation mit Berlin Postkolonial e.V. zu dem Fachtag BREBIT-Fachtag “Entwicklungshilfe” oder Reparationen?​ Warum die Nachfahren Kolonisierter Wiedergutmachung fordern“ ein. (Event in English & German).

Wann: 12.Oktober 2017, von 9.30 Uhr bis 16.30 Uhr

Wo: Bürgerhaus am Schlaatz, Schilfhof 28, 14478 Potsdam

“Spanien, Italien und die USA werden am 12. Oktober 2017 offiziell den 525. Jahrestag der „Entdeckung Amerikas“ durch Christoph Kolumbus feiern. Hingegen haben indigene Initiativen schon in mehreren Staaten Amerikas erreichen können, dass der auf dem Kontinent weitverbreitete Nationalfeiertag mit der Ehrung der kolonisierten Bevölkerung verbunden wird. Auf dem Weltsozialforum in Tunis 2013 hat ein Bündnis von Nichtregierungsorganisationen den Termin zum weltweiten International Day for Reparations concerning Colonization erklärt.”

“Die BREBIT 2017 begeht den Tag gemeinsam mit Expert*innen und Aktivist*innen aus amerikanischen und afrikanischen Ländern, die mehr über die weltweiten Bewegungen für Reparationen berichten. So informiert der Filmemacher und Schriftsteller Red Haircrow über den anhaltenden Kampf der Native Americans mit der US-Regierung bezüglich anhaltender Vertragsverletzungen. Frau Dr. Claudia Rauhut stellt in ihrem Workshop die Reparationsbewegung der Staaten der Caribbean Community (CARICOM) vor und kontextualisiert dabei auch einen Videobeitrag von Professor Verene Shepherd (Vorsitzende des Nationalen Reparationskomitees von Jamaika). Israel Kaunatjike berichtet vom Kampf der Ovaherero und Nama um Entschädigung für den Völkermord der kaiserlichen „Schutztruppe“ in der ehemaligen Kolonie „Deutsch-Südwestafrika“ in den Jahren 1904 bis 1908. Mnyaka Sururu Mboro gibt in seinem Workshop Auskunft über die auch in Tansania geführte Debatte zur Rückgabe von Museumsobjekten und menschlichen Gebeinen sowie über Reparationen für den verheerenden Maji-Maji-Krieg in der ehemaligen Kolonie „Deutsch-Ostafrika“.

“Nach der Mittagspause möchten wir mit Ihnen zusammen diskutieren, ob die ehemaligen Kolonialmächte – darunter auch Deutschland – statt großzügig erscheinender „Entwicklungshilfe“ nicht eher zur Wiedergutmachung für koloniale Ausbeutung, Versklavung, Vertreibung und Vernichtung verpflichtet sind.

**Möchten Sie mehr wissen? Weitere Informationen zu der Veranstaltung finden Sie in unserem Flyer als Download.

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“Forget Winnetou!” Help Us Reach our #Crowdfunding Goal

crowdfundeditThe crowdfunding campaign for our documentary film Forget Winnetou! Going Beyond Native Stereotypes in Germany is now live. Please drop by, read more about the story behind our film, our aims and who is involved. Check out our perks and consider donating but most of all, we just ask that you please help us out by sharing our message around in some way.

What’s unique about our documentary? To date, there is no other film or project like it in Germany that addresses the issue of stereotyping, and which includes a strong, wider perspective from Native Americans. We’ll present “healthier” more culturally respectful ways that decolonize minds and media, while giving Natives an opportunity to present themselves.

Crowdfunding campaign link–2/x/6473967.