New Book “ORPHANS stories” By Turritopsis Nutricula & Tim Cummings, July 12, 2011

by Red Haircrow

New Book “ORPHANS stories” Offers Fiction Lovers Unique Assortment Of Narratives and Characters

By Turritopsis Nutricula & Tim Cummings
Dated: Jul 12, 2011


Author Tim Cummings raises the bar on literary collections by releasing a curious, eclectic set of styles and stories.

Los Angeles, CA. Author and resident, Tim Cummings, has published “ORPHANS stories”, available as both an e-book and a 250-page print edition, that invites readers into a refreshingly unpredictable world of short stories, poetry and prose, screenplays, stage plays, and film treatments.

Set in 1940s Florida, Middle America, Hollywood in the 70s, curious netherspheres between life and death, and deep inside the imaginations of characters whose greatest abundances are their emotions, the ten stories in Cummings’s eclectic collection evoke familiar and strange scenarios of love, loss, heartbreak, humor, spirituality, sexuality, and violence. Written in a strong, imaginative voice, “ORPHANS stories” spins a majestic web of people, places, relationships, and situations.

From romantic, heartfelt, and quirky to edgy, violent, and emotionally feral, this ‘orphanage’ fosters tales of filicide, epilepsy, magical romance, addiction, spirituality, love, and the afterlife.

Author Cummings (who will be making appearances at bookstores in Los Angeles for readings) says, “It’s a very unorthodox book, really original, and I like the risks entailed with that… I think it’s important to put yourself out there, to sufficiently show the world who you really are. Most people wear masks; they can’t expose themselves or take risks. That’s sad for them, but understandable. With this book, I feel really vulnerable, and that’s probably the best thing about it for me. The whole thing is really idiosyncratic.”

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About Tim Cummings:

Born and raised in New York, and educated at New York University, Cummings is a passionate storyteller who works professionally in a variety of mediums: writing, visuals, theater, film, music, and dance.

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