New Release May 10, 2012: “Silence Is Multi-Colored In My World” Edited by Red Haircrow

by Red Haircrow

From Flying With Red Haircrow:

Description: “This is an imaginative collection of memories and observations written from the perspective of a young man who was orphaned early, who was gay, deaf and Russian. He was simple and complex, light-hearted and serious, whimsical and infinitely strong, and when he loved, he loved with all his heart and soul.

A former sex worker and later a husband, he was an amateur activist and philosopher, a startlingly intelligent, passionate individual able to intensely appreciate even the small wonders of the world and the people for whom he cared.

Part diary, part dialogue, part rhetoric, “Silence Is Multi-colored in My World” is based on actual experiences and is a literary portrait of a man with nothing to hide and everything to reveal. It is a slice into the willing veins of a mental and emotional free bleeder.”

Genre: Biography, Memoir, GLBTIIQ

Publishing: May 10, 2012

Publisher: Flying With Red Haircrow

ISBN: 9781476164861

Availability: Smashwords, OmniLit, Rainbow Ebooks,  and other online distributors.


Who am I?

I am G.Y.S., a profoundly deaf man. I have blue eyes and red hair, which I wear long. I am gay and Russian, and was born in 1978 in the Ukraine, but I moved myself to Germany when I was fourteen. You’ll learn how and why later.

My words are a mélange of impressions, memories and observations for I love many things and am distressed by many things. I have wandered to a number of countries and enjoy meeting people and getting to know new ideas and perspectives. I find the world both a fascinating and terrible place.

Photography, Nature, Overcoming Disabilities, Inter-societal Understanding, and Love are some of the topics that interest, concern and keep my attention. In writing about me I wish I could have said something clever, unique or witty, but this is simply me: sometimes I’m silly, sometimes I’m angry, sometimes you may find me annoying or overly sad but I’m always honest and sincere.

Flash bits about me? I have a beautiful pink “Grecian” style nightgown I love to wear. I once blew up a vacuum cleaner (not on purpose!). I prefer to sleep during the day but I’m not a vampire. Sometimes I hate being bothered to eat because chewing is usually necessary but can be so very boring.

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About Red Haircrow:

“Red Haircrow is a writer of poetry, fiction and non-fiction, private chef, reviewer and former law enforcement officer of Native American (Chiricahua Apache/Cherokee) descent who lives in Berlin. Red is also completing a degree in Psychology, and operates the indie publishing label “Flying With Red Haircrow”, which opened on 31 October 2010.

Both traditionally and independently published, Red chooses to inject realism into their fictional work and happily ever after is not always in the mix though love and strong characters always are. Like life, there’s a bittersweet mixture of laughter and tears, and Red imbues their writing with the power, passion and range of emotions they’ve experienced.

Non-fiction articles are direct, willing to ask the hard questions yet considering of open-minded discussion. You can view Red’s non-fiction memories and articles at their website and others. Among other things, Red loves photography, traveling, learning languages, and spending time with friends. The two-spirit author is active in Native American affairs, and can also be found playing RPGs, browsing 2nd hand shops and savoring the meditative Zen of archery with the medieval Longbow.”


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