To Celebrate Author: Nephy Hart’s Birthday: Enigma, Book 1 of Enigma is FREE Through 7 November!

by Red Haircrow

enigmaT200300November 7th is author Nephy Hart’s birthday and now through then, Enigma, book 1 of the series Enigma is FREE! With new edits and cover image, one of the author’s most beloved character is introduced to new audiences or revisited by old friends.

The eBook is available for download in several formats from All Romance Ebooks or Smashwords using the code: YF47W.

Synopsis: “Troubled residents come and go at the Care House where River Caulfield is a caregiver, working towards fulfilling his dream of becoming a nurse. When Silver arrives, a patient found on a roadside near death after suffering terrible abuse, River finds his previous personal detachment is compromised. Seeking to help the mysterious and enigmatic young man locked inside his own mind and memories, River finds his professionalism slipping as Silver begins to open up and live again.

But as their relationship begins to blossom, the roots of Silver’s past abuse and the abuser who forced him into such a mental state sends forth new shoots of darkness enveloping them in dangers threatening not only Silver’s sanity, but their very lives. With River’s devotion and help, will Silver finally be able to break away from his past? The answer lies in the words of a priest, a painting and a long walk through a churchyard harbouring the secrets of the enigma that is Silver.”

Tags: Contemporary Romance, Gay Fiction, GLBT Interest.



Global Ebook Award Winner 2013, Best in Category GLBT,  “The Agony of Joy”! Also at All Romance or Smashwords using code: YF42Y.

 Synopsis: “Former model turned actor Adrian Lee can barely list age range ’23-29′ on his resumé anymore nor stand his life of empty social events and appearances, meaningless roles and casual partners. When he meets Alexander Skizetsky by clever arrangement of his agent, the enigmatic yet infinitely attractive Russian kindles a little light of hope in his aching heart. Yet even the beginnings of a friendship and love beyond his wildest dreams cannot assuage a life spiraling out of control.

The long estrangement from his devout Irish Catholic parents and family and the dark secrets they all share combine to drive him to the brink of despair, though Alexander is determined to stay by his side. After locking away his own memories of betrayal and loss, the Russian had decided never to love again but something in Adrian spurs the noblest intentions in his formerly jaded heart. Returning in pilgrimage to his homeland, he brings Adrian along on a journey of rebirth, revelation and redemption.”