Upcoming #Documentary on #NativeAmerican #Stereotypes & Life in Germany

by Red Haircrow

slogansmallForget Winnetou! Going Beyond Native Stereotypes in Germany is an upcoming documentary film by Timo Kiesel (glokal e.V.) and Red Haircrow. It is currently in production, and will combine live-action scenes, interviews and news clips with graphics and short animated sequences. Here’s a short teaser, with official trailer coming in December. Tagline: “Reeducating the Resistant”.

About the Directors/Producers:

Growing up in Germany, Timo’s world view as a kid was highly influenced by his reading of more than 60 Karl May volumes. Timo was fascinated by and liked to dress up as native. Questions of stereotyping and cultural appropriation are still viral to him today, and not only because his own kids are confronted with racist imaginary of natives in kindergarten, media and the German public. Today, Timo holds an MA in Postcolonial Studies (Goldsmith’s College, London) and works as a trainer and consultant in the context of anti-racism and anti-discrimination. He is an active member of glokal e.V. Timo’s first documentary “White Charity” deals with racism in billboard advertisements of development aid organisations. Timo lives close to Berlin, Germany.

Red Haircrow
is an award-winning writer, educator and chef of Native American descent (Chiricahua Apache/Cherokee) who is currently based in Berlin. He holds a BSc in Psychology, counsels selectively and is a MA student at Montana State University Bozeman, Native American Studies. His research focus is native mental health and healing, intergenerational historical trauma and suicide. Born in Germany, but mostly growing up in the states of Alabama and Tennessee, USA like most minorities, especially natives, racism and stereotypes have heavily and negatively impacted he and his family’s lives for generations. Red is a member of Native American Journalists, Native American and Indigenous Studies Association and the American Psychology Associations, and through his multimedia consulation company, Flying With Red Haircrow Productions, he explores opportunities for collaboration in education, film, art, music and more.

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