Preview New #Documentary Film Project “ALMOST” on the Impact of #Stereotypes of Heritage, Gender & Abilities

by Red Haircrow

A new film project we’re working on, from the award winning director of a feature length documentary on Native reality and appropriation in Germany, “Forget Winnetou! Loving in the Wrong Way”.

The concept of “ALMOST”, of being judged “not enough” based on your heritage, gender, sexuality or cognitive/physical abilities. Due to the racist, toxic structures in society, such behaviors especially target and impact people of color. If you would like to be a part and share your experiences, you’re welcome to contact us.


Directed, produced and edited by Red Haircrow
Animations by Neda Ahmadi
Music by Johnny Clyde


“ALMOST normal.
ALMOST acceptable.
ALMOST indigenous.

Half, a quarter, a fraction, a piece.
Gender, sexuality, ethnicity,
cognitive or physical abilities.

Toxic beliefs, ableist and racist structures
in society continue to harm.
Some are embracing their differences
in order to heal, and they are connected.”