New date! 14-15 September – Seminar “Becoming and Teaching Human Beings: Critical Indigenous Perspectives”

by Red Haircrow

Forget Winnetou! Loving in the Wrong Way

New date 14-15 September! Social distancing & quarantine protests despite mass illness from #CoVid19? Minimization/dismissal of high death rates in some groups and ethnicities? Western values of self-interest/self above all else despite causing harm vs. Indigenous perspectives of personal responsibility and collective goodness/awareness.

They are at the heart of the on-going pandemic and economic crisis, even as normalized racism, ableism and aggression are seeing new increases. We will discuss these topics and more, and how we continue healing and correction both individually and societally, to help create a better world for all children.

**NOTE: Continued compliance with any/all updates and public notices regarding Corona protocols will be in place. Date subject to change based on on-going current events.

In cooperation with ISTA – Institut für den Situationsansatz, a two-day seminar is planned titled, “Becoming and Teaching Human Beings: Critical Indigenous Perspectives for School and Society.” It will be given by writer…

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