A Creative Opportunity For Fiction Writers Willing To Travel: Bulgaria

by Red Haircrow

Mid Flight by Red Haircrow

Mid Flight by Red Haircrow

Sozopol Fiction Seminars English and Bulgarian Scholarships

Ten scholarships, valued at approximately $1,600 each, to attend the Sozopol Fiction Seminars in Sozopol, Bulgaria, are given annually to five fiction writers working in English and five working in Bulgarian. Tuition, room and board, and some travel expenses are included. Writers of any nationality are eligible.

Using the online submission system, submit 10 to 20 pages of fiction, a curriculum vitae, a personal statement, a writer’s statement, and a letter of reference (sent directly to Sozopol Fiction Seminars by the reference) by March 15. There is no entry fee. Visit the website for complete guidelines.

Sozopol Fiction Seminars, English and Bulgarian Scholarships, 15 Liuben Karavelov Street, 1142 Sofia, Bulgaria (Rep.). Simona Ilieva, Contact.

More from their website:


Five participants writing in English and five writing in Bulgarian language will receive scholarships. A scholarship covers tuition, room and board, in-country transportation, and 50% of international travel expenses.


Morning workshops will be led in English by Elizabeth Kostova (US), author of the best-selling novels The Historian (2005) and The Swan Thieves (2010), and in Bulgarian by Vladimir Levchev (BG), author of nineteen poetry collections (four published in the U.S.) and the novels Krali Marko: The Balkan Prince (2006), 2084 (2009) and The Man and the Shadow (2012).

Guest lectures will be provided by Richard Russo (US), a writer and a screenwriter, a Pulitzer Prize winner for the novel Empire Falls (2002), author of the filmed novel Nobody’s Fool (1994), and Vladislav Todorov (BG/US), a writer and a screenwriter, author of the filmed novels Zift (2010) and Zincograph (2010).

The program in Sozopol, Bulgaria, includes also roundtable discussions, meetings with distinguished international and Bulgarian editors, publishers, translators, as well as literary readings.

Follow-up events, organized as part of the long-term program of the Elizabeth Kostova Foundation CapitaLiterature, will take place on 28 and 29 May 2013 in Sofia, Bulgaria.