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by Red Haircrow

As well as being an indie publishing brand, Flying With Red Haircrow also has a review site, which accepts author interviews, press releases, and other types of promo & advertising. We also do music and event reviews for local individuals, restaurants, bands, etc. The genres and authors list is quite extensive since it opened 31 October 2010.

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At Flying With Red Haircrow,  I respect the courage it takes to allow someone to read your dreams and imaginings because in many ways it can reflect your ideals and inner self, some aspects that might not ordinarily be presented to the world.

At this site, I am a reader and reviewer of books. In many ways I understand the creative process because I am a writer myself, but like anyone else I have my likes and dislikes. I would never promise a positive review of everything I read, but I will always be fair because I do realize the words you write are personal. Just the same, I will never be derogatory or use wording  that disrespects the author and the enormous time and effort they may have put into their work.

I place my personal background on my About Me page, so the writer can make an informed decision on whether to submit a review request, though the best place to view is my website/blog for some topics that interest me, Songs of the Universal Vagabond. It is strongly suggested authors seeking reviews at least briefly view those pages.

We cross-post our reviews and/or interviews links to our fanpage at Facebook, profile at, Smashwords (if it’s possible),, Twitter, The LL Book Reviews and any other venue we are associated with if it is appropriate. This provides extra advertisement both for you and our website.


  • PREFERRED: Science fiction, fantasy (all ranges speculative, etc.), historical fiction, historical fantasy.
  • ACCEPTED: Many genres, fiction or non-fiction, poetry, essays on a case-by-case basis.
  • NO ACCEPTANCE: Anything regarding politics, political themes, religion and religious beliefs, fiction or non-fiction. Any material supporting the belief of superiority of one group over another, in any form. Romance, Children’s, Young Adult.
  • RATINGS: We accept all levels, with the one clause whether its sexual explicitness or violence: they need to be relevant to the story itself in some ways. Not just description for description’s sake.